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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homage to Vintage Art

Let's face it, without past artists and all their work we would have pretty much no media today. Imagine a world with no images. Can't do it can ya? Probably because media is an overwhelming part of life nowadays. 

Recently my Illustration teacher, Greg Newbold, showed me some vintage art and I think it's awesome. So here is my homage to retro American art. 

This is the work of Coles Phillips. The way he uses negative space and blocks of color to give the illusion of objects is amazing. As you can see from the images I'm putting up, he did a lot of work for magazines.

I love this black and white one; I think it is genius.

I love the colors on this one.

I thought this one was clever. I like the composition and I want those dishes lol.

I love love love this one. Everything about it. If I had a greenhouse or something I would hang it up in it.

And then we have Coby (Coburn) Whitmore. 
This piece is similar to Coles Phillips' work when it comes to color style

But then he has done stuff like this as well, which I love. I just love his style.

And then we have Richard Hamilton. Ever since I saw this piece of his in my art history class forever ago I loved it. 

It's kinda weird but I like the collage feel of it and how random it is. 

And of course, you can't forget Andy Warhol.

I love bright colors, and what is Andy Warhol but bright colors?

Respect the past, cause without it we wouldn't have a future. 
Anyways, enjoy!

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